Decorative Doorstop

A Decorative doorstop is an excellent example of one of the little home accessories which have the potential to double as both practical and decorative.

Doorstops are something that many of us use on a daily basis, many times they are just taken for granted and we do not expect much more of them than to fulfill their function and keep our doors from closing when we want them to remain open. But a decorative doorstop can do a lot more, when appropriately designed they take their place among the original gift ideas which may allow you to bring a well appreciated gift while spending a relatively small sum of money.

Examples of Decorative Doorstops

Some great examples of decorative doorstops may be found in household accessories shops, some shops featuring original gift ideas, online design studio shops and even large departmental furniture stores.
Imagine doorstops shaped as little animal figurines, a lady's elegant boot, a tiny mushroom or any other ideas originating from the minds of creative designers.

An Interesting decorative doorstop is featured on monkey business online design studio store. It is appropriately titled "golfer's doorstop" and is designed to serve both as a practical doorstop and as a practice item intended for golfers, much like other such items used by golfers to practice putting while in the office.

Decorative Doorstops as Gifts

A decorative doorstop is among the most effective of all original gift ideas. Since they are inexpensive objects they can potentially, when chosen correctly, save you quite a substantial sum, money you would have spent in order to buy an adequate more ordinary gift.

A decorative doorstop may be just the right gift for a house warming, a new office, even as a little fun attachment to a wedding present.

As with all original gifts care must be taken to ensure that whoever the gift is intended for is the type of person who would appreciate such a fun, practical, decorative object. Since it is quite obvious that these are relatively cheap items it is essential that their originality be valued by their receivers.