Memo Holder

A good memory is a nice thing to have, but no matter how good your memory is, it seems there is no alternative to writing little notes to make sure you do not forget some odd thing.
A memo holder is the answer for posting notes regarding events or tasks that just don't fit anywhere else in our more defined means of organizing our schedule (i.e. old fashioned paper calendars and organizers, appointment books, computerized diaries, smart phone diary applications etc.).

The memo holder must be placed so that it will catch our eye at the opportune time and fulfill its destiny as a useful memory enhancing object. Since this is the case there is good reason to cater for one which plays a role also as a home design accessory (or office design accessory for that matter).

Different Uses for the Memo Holder

A memo holder can be used to assist in various tasks. For example it can be designed and placed so that it allows not only you to place notes on it but also for others to leave you notes when you are away.
A good example of such a design is the "pegs Memo" featured by monkey business. A wall mounted memo holder, attractively designed so that notes are held in place by magnetic half pegs (similar in appearance to clothes line laundry holding pegs).

Those of us who need to have several reminders displayed in a prominent place can benefit from a memo holder designed like the "Freddy Feathers" which is also available at Monkey Business design studio online store. The spreading of Freddy's tail allows for placing notes in a way that all can be seen at once. This unique design is another example of how efficient accessories can be made so that they become colorful and attractive desktop objects.

One of the classic roles we expect a memo holder to perform is to be a handy supplier of note paper. If this is what you need your memo holder to do you may be after a design similar to "Lenny" designed by studio Yaakov Kaufman and featured by Monkey business. The adorable, elegant, modern looking camel shaped Lenny will carry useful bits of note paper on its back and hold ones for display in its mouth.

Whatever you need your memo holder to do for you remember that; if you pick a well designed one, it can also be an object that looks interesting, attractive and may even say something about its owner.