Modern Design Gifts

Many times it is hard to pin point exactly what it is about an object which makes it look "modern". Still, all of us will usually encounter no difficulty in judging roughly what decade the design motif of an object best fits. Modern design gifts therefore posses an extra attribute, they tell something about both the gift's giver, its recipient as well as about the relationship between them.

Modern Design Gifts

Classic vs Modern

Any design, or design style, which enjoys a high enough level of popularity will, once it's glory days are over, be considered "classic". Classic designs will touch a cord with anyone who enjoyed these designs when they were still new, fresh and mainstream. They may also be appreciated by people who share a romantic attitude towards the era during which such designs where common.

Bringing an object of classic design as a gift to someone who possesses no such inclination towards the specific design style will certainly not award you with any extra points.

Modern design gifts are probably best suited for people who appreciate life in the "here and now". Those among us who have no aspirations regarding taking a step aside from the hectic pace of modern life.
Even though recipients who share such "21 century", "digital", inclinations are definitely the most natural candidates for modern design gifts this does not mean that no one else may enjoy gifts of this nature.

In summation, if you are not sure whether the recipient of the gift you are searching for is of the type who appreciates classic design it is best to opt for modern design gifts.

Unique Gifts

No design style has the monopoly over original gift ideas.

Modern design gifts may be of the kind the gifts recipient will be familiar with, they may also be unique, surprising and exciting. Just the same may be said about gifts of classic design.

Retro Modern Design

Retro design is a combination of an old school design motif applied onto objects and/or belonging to a new age.

Modern design gifts may very well posses "retro" characteristics, influences of an age gone by as interpreted by a modern designer and applied using state of the art production technologies and materials.