Office Accessories

Office accessories range from the biggest, most outstanding, items in an office right down to the very smallest desk top decorative tidbit or even just well designed office supplies.

From furniture to our trusty calendar, office accessories are no small matter, they truly posses deal making /breaking potential.

Choosing correctly the things which fill our office will enable us to show off to potential business partners that we have what it takes to turn the issues at hand into lucrative money making opportunities.

Office Accessories as Gifts

The flip side of creating the right atmosphere with the aid of well chosen office accessories is giving them as original gifts.

It is easy to use the act of giving an item designed to be placed in the office for conveying a certain message. Such gifts to business partners can also have an impact on business relations.

Naturally when giving office accessories they will almost always be among the smaller ones (rather than furniture for example). Items like the desktop calendar tin (designed by Oded Friedlander and available through Monkey Business online design studio online store) are ideal both as gifts for loved ones or as a gift for a business partner on an occasion such as a move to a new office.

Small, Attractive and Useful Office Accessories

When trying to give our office a certain appearance we all tend to focus on the bigger items such as the desk, chairs, lighting, shelves etc. Although these items are important it may be surprising to realize that the smaller office accessories also play a significant role in what our office design portrays about our business (and about ourselves).

The office environment calls for picking practical items. A well designed item such as the magnetic organizer (also featured on Monkey Business online store) is among the classic office accessories which show good taste while adhering to accepted practical codes of the business world. It is important to actually use the magnetic organizer if you hang one in your office. It is great for keeping receipts, bills, notes etc. in an accessible manner.