Silicone Trivet

We are all familiar with occasions when the need arises for some type of insulating flat surface to be placed on a dinner table in order to allow hot containers of food to be put on them. A silicone trivet provides an excellent solution for such needs.

Pre Silicone Trivet Days

Placing food on the dining table directly from the oven, microwave or stove, still in the pot or pan in which it was cooked, is a custom shared by cultures all over the globe. Whenever this is done it is usually necessary to arrange for some kind of buffer between the hot containers and the table (which is typically made of wood).

Before the silicone trivet was introduced such insulating surfaces were made from appropriate kinds of wood or from different types of construction made of metal.

Each kind of pre silicone trivet days insulating solution had its advantages and disadvantages. Setting a dining table is many times a matter which far exceeds practical concerns and has a lot to do with appearances and aesthetics.
This is why trivets of any kind were usually designed with not only practical concerns in mind but also with intent to make these trivets appealing to individuals with particular tastes.

The Advantages of Silicone Trivet

Silicone is an inert synthetic compound which was first developed by the chemist Frederick Kipping in the early 19 hundreds. The term "silicone" refers to a polymer in which silicon is combined with carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and other elements.

It is the unique characteristics of silicone which make it ideal for a wide range of functions. Some of its qualities seem little short of miraculous and these have earned it a well deserved reputation as a technological wonder.
A silicone trivet is so useful thanks to two of silicone's characteristics; low thermal conductivity and thermal stability. Silicone also does not stick to glass, metal or wood.

Another advantage of the silicone trivet is that it can easily be molded into any design and can be manufactured in virtually any color. Since they come in such a wide range of designs silicone trivets make for cool presents.

A great example of just such a silicone trivet which many would not have the occasion to buy for themselves but would adore if they got as a present is called "crime scene", the trivet is shaped like the trace around a body found in a murder scene. This unique silicone trivet is featured on monkey business design studio online store.